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“We’ve got a great product and good market traction,” the CEO told his investors. “We’re going be profitable after this next investment round.” The investors weren’t so sure.

The CEO was a successful leader on track to bring his vision to reality. Product development and the go to market all went according to plan, on time and within budget. When the CEO spoke to new potential investors they soon asked, “What do your current investors think?” But the CEO didn’t have a good answer.

The CEO made revised plans showing the company becoming cash flow positive faster with a lower investment. The current investors remained unconvinced. Clearly, new plans for the future and financial projections weren’t going to change the minds of his investors. Time was running out and the CEO has to do something soon. He spoke with investors, business advisers and management consultants all to no avail. Then, the CEO contacted us because he didn’t know what else to do and there’s no harm in talking!

Our proposed solution was to create new awareness and interest in the company among new prospective customers, partners and investors alike. We designed a three month presales plan that had three presales components:

  1. Generate a stream of qualified leads from the company’s current target customers
  2. Explore partnerships with large established companies to serve their own customers
  3. Get prospective new investors to ask the CEO to make a presentation

The idea was to show the current investors that the company was worthy of serious and immediate consideration by many qualified prospective customers, serious business partners and new investors.

The company outsourced presales and the CEO prepared company presentations for new prospective partners and investors. We incorporated ideas from the CEO presentations to capture the interest of partners and investors that we reached out to on behalf of the company.

The results were an overwhelming success for all:

  • The new stream of qualified leads made investors feel somewhat more confident in the CEO’s financial projections
  • Executives from several large companies reached out to the CEO and that demonstrated broad market demand for the company services
  • The CEO was so busy responding to new investor inquiries that he didn’t have time to obsess over his failure to quickly close the next round of funding with current investors
  • One newly interested investor asked to start a due diligence study of the company in preparation for making an offer
  • The original investors decided that they didn’t want a new investor on board and they closed a new round of funding before the due diligence study was completed

Outsourcing presales was the seed that transformed the company from the shadow of near failure into a well-funded start-up in the industry limelight.

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